Privacy Policy

We (Series 7 Specialists) collect certain personal information from users.  This policy explains how this information is used and shared.  If you do not agree with the terms of this policy, please discontinue use of the site.  Your continued use constitutes acceptance of these terms, and agreement with the information sharing policies of Series 7 Specialists.
We use commercial analytical tools such as, but not limited to, Google Analytics.  Cookies may be placed on your device.  These cookies have the capability to track your activities while in the Series 7 Specialists web site, aggregate that information and communicate it with the company and its representatives.  Such information may be used in efforts to obtain and retain advertisers.
We may use tools to track the items clicked by you individually and/or in the aggregate.  Aggregated information may be shared with advertisers to assist with billing.  Information about you individually may be shared with advertisers, as described below.
We may initiate and maintain a registration policy which will require users to complete a registration form before being allowed to continue to use the site beyond a certain point.  This registration form will ask for business information only, including, but not limited to, business address, business phone, sponsoring broker-dealer/investment advisor, business email, etc.  Please do not provide personal information such as home addresses or phone numbers.  We will assume that the information you provide is bona fide business contact information.
Registration information may be supplied to advertisers when you click on one of their ads, or to the sponsoring advertisers (whether you click on ads or not).  It is expected that your information will be shared in real time in some situations, and with a time delay in other circumstances.  Since it is expected that many of these ads will offer follow-up information, you should expect to be contacted by the advertisers.  We do not anticipate accepting advertisements from companies whose business is not directly related to the financial services industry.  We therefore anticipate that all contact from advertisers can be classified as “business to business” communication.
Each advertiser will determine its own follow-up policies and practices, and will be governed by its own privacy policies.  Once we release the personal information to an advertiser, we no longer have control over that company’s policies and practices.  By use of the site, you agree to hold Series 7 Specialists harmless with regard to follow-up practices of any and all advertisers.